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Sekonda Watches

Sekonda is the best selling watch brand in the UK for inexpensive fashion wrist watches. The British distributor originally marketed Soviet made time pieces in the West. However this came to end with the break-up of the USSR. Most of these soviet watches came from the First Moscow Watch Factory and in particular the Poljot models.

Sekonda was established in 1966 with its manufacturing in Russia. Through extensive marketing expertise and fantastic customer service, Sekonda quickly became a household name. Sekonda then later moved its manufacturing to Hong Kong, an initiative driven largely by the birth of quartz movement. Since 1993, Sekonda sources its watches from Asia and is no longer in partnership with the First Moscow Watch Factory. Sekonda became the best selling watch brand in the UK by units in 1988 and continues to hold that position today.

Since 1998, the worldwide watch market has undergone significant change with the launch of numerous other fashion watch brands. As the overall size of the market was not growing, Sekonda started losing market share to the new market entrants. However, on the foundations of a solid brand, Sekonda started branching out into a range of its own brands. With clever marketing and advertising, Sekonda positioned a range of brands aimed at a variety of consumer segments.
In 2004, Sekonda launched Seksy which was aimed at the 25 – 35 age group. An instantly recognisable name, Seksy consisting of just eleven models and with clever advertising, soon became a best seller. In its second year, the Seksy range was expanded to around thirty models. With the massive success of the Seksy brand, Sekonda introduced a gents fashion range called One.

For the last 20 years, Sekonda has had amazing success by being the best selling watch brand in the UK. Sekonda watches are known for being high quality attractive watches at great value prices. The Sekonda brand has branched into a number of subsidiary brands including Xpose, Safari, Seksy and One.

There are a number of factors which Sekonda take into account to ensure the highest quality watches are delivered to the UK market. These include top quality movements, strict manufacturing specifications, rigorous testing, strict quality control and peace of mind with a two year guarantee across their watch brands. With only 1% returned of the 1.6 million units sold, the numbers clearly back up the quality and service that is offered by Sekonda.